So today I thought about getting back into freelancing at night, WHAT AM I THINKING!!! Yes this calls for two too many exclamation points.

First reason not to go there, I rely on my husband to bring me clients since I’m not available during the day (that whole full-time career thing) which is sure to end up in him and I arguing–always does. Second, I never was fully comfortable with estimation and ended up short-cutting myself more than a few times. Third, how many hours in a day can a person stare at a computer screen before their retinas burn out? Heck, I finally just got my family to stop asking me for pro-bono work and here I am thinking about jumping back in to nights committed to eating cashews at my desk for dinner while the husband fends for himself.

Maybe it’s just a passing fancy just like the go at quilting?

Here’s a walk down logo memory lane with a mix of clients and family freebees. Some of these are concepts that didn’t make the final cut and some are the approved end designs. Coming from magazine layout and advertising design, logo design was not my passion but something I was often asked for and for which I had to teach myself a different design style.

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