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It’s Lovely and Alive! New blog.

I needed a place to combine and share all of my creative endeavors (most unrelated). So after much deliberation on what to call it, I present to you the Littered with Lovely Blog! Commence clapping and whistling.

I’ll be sharing work on some of my big ideas, like, but also simple inspirational bits and projects (some knitting there, fashion here, decorating there). Some of what I dive into is better left alone (quilting fail, cat + tule = BAD) but I hope it will provide entertainment for you. I do superglue my fingers together a few times a year.

So if you are reading this, thank you for visiting! Help a lady out and post (nice) comments.

I leave you with a list of a the blog names that thankfully didn’t make the cut:

  • creative commotion
  • the divided designer
  • made in medley
  • all over the pretty place
  • genuine scraps
  • trying plenty
  • sincere bits
  • mix and match (husband’s contribution…mmhm)
  • designing to bits

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