Apparel & Fashion

Lovely Little Calvin (Klein)

When the 5’8″ of me is feeling not so petite, my lovely little Calvin is oh so sweet.

I hear people grow taller in the Midwest but in this area I’m often staring at the top of heads in the Starbucks line. Even from up here, the sweet nature of this dress has me twirling and singing “I Feel Pretty.” Tidbit: West Side Story was first released 50 years ago in December. I was born of the wrong generation.

The rushed pre-departure morning photography doesn’t do the stitched pleating on the bodice justice. It forms at the high-cut, long, curved neckline and slightly increases at the waist. Poly blend, lined, and with slight elastic stretch in the belt, this dress is darling. I’m glad I saw the “dry-clean only” tag after bringing it home or this pairing may have never happened.

Thank you Calvin dear. I feel charming, oh so charming. . .


Your Thoughts?

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