Any Afternoon, a Portrait in East Boston

I tried to scan the film for you, I really did. Alas to get my negative scanner to work I would need to borrow a computer circa 2004 (damn you HP firmware) so I had to revert to scanning the developed photo.

I was lucky that she thought so little of me taking her photograph. This woman lived next door to a family I stayed with for a short time in East Boston. I went back to my negs and found I was able to capture this on the third shot (of only three without the assistance of a digital viewfinder). I was so timid photographing someone I knew that it was a snap and run. If she still lives in this house you’ll find her out front, chatting away with her neighbors in Italian, or playing with her grandchild on the cement stairs.

I remember when developing this photograph I had trouble deciding where to crop—finally choosing (or submitting) to leaving the cement window frame in the top of the shot. There is an ethereal quality to it. I still wrestle with the composition but decided to stop judging and share as I originally intended with the seraphic window slab.

I hope you enjoy.  Ciao.


Your Thoughts?

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