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That Which We Call a Rose

Your love-bug (or mom as been know in my case) gives you flowers: roses. Awwwwwww mushy, mushy, love, love. They are beautiful and wonderful and start dying days later–well that was short lived. No worries dear, it’s easy to save your sweetie’s sentiments.

I air-dried this set. I’ve read articles with detailed instructions but really you’re air drying roses, not making quiche. With no formal training I was able to make this lovely display.

Once the flowers started to wilt I hung them upside down to finish drying. I’ve seen people dry them hanging individually with ribbon from clothes racks or wire hangers but if you are lacking for undisturbed space, as I am, then you can tie a rubber band around the bunch and hang them all together (pull off the leaves first). Just make sure it’s a well-ventilated space because roses hold a good amount of moisture and mold isn’t sexy.

Once completly dried out, I gently grasped the tops in my palm and popped them off in one piece. Some broke apart so there’s a lovely mix of whole buds and loose petals.

So I lied a little, this arrangement is not yet potpourri since I’m missing the “scent” but all that would take is a few drops of scented oil and sealing the roses up for about a week. Longer is better but I’m not very good at the waiting game.

I received the heart-shaped hinged mesh metal box probably ten years ago. It held red wrapped chocolate heart shaped candies (memory is a strange thing).  It has always been a habit of mine to keep objects for much too long but this gift box was worth saving.



One thought on “That Which We Call a Rose

  1. Love this one. I think I like the description as much as the picture. Thank you for letting us know that we can use common sense instead of a manual!


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