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Homemade Flower Pins

Many people cut and sew their own fabric petals but this being my first go at it I decided to hit the craft store and pick up a variety of faux-floral stems. A pack of pin backs, glue sticks, and crystal decorations later and I was able to create nine different floral pins for a whopping $28 (not including tools I already owned). This is a perfect one-day project that doesn’t take up a lot of space and soothes the need for creative instant gratification.


  • Hot glue gun (Do yourself the favor and go for the better $15 one. Mine cost $1 at a bargain shop and drools everywhere. Not easy to deal with when you are trying to glue decorations onto the finished side of a piece)
  • Faux-floral stems (Sale at Michaels 3 stems for $1 SCORE!)
  • Flat-back jewels (The Crystazzi ones were the best value and color selection. They also come in easy to use and store packaging)
  • Bead tweezers (A MUST to place jewels on petals)
  • Pin backs (I went with 1″ since that was the largest available but the larger flowers could use 1.25″)
  • Any other decorative element. Spraying the tips with a soft metallic shimmer would look nice.

I took it easy at first choosing flowers that looked good “as is” before getting into deconstructing petals and reconstructing. Pop the flower top off of the stem and cut back the plastic base as flush and close to the bottom petals of the flower as possible. Remove it, put some hot glue around the inner tube and stick it back on. If you don’t do this it will fall off and your flower will fall apart. On some I also trimmed back the plastic Stigma and Anthems.

If you would like leaves on your flower go ahead and pluck a couple off of one of the stems, trim back the plastic parts and hot glue to the bottom of the flower. Next you will want to affix the pin backing to the back of the flower. I wasn’t happy with how unfinished the back was on the first few I made and found a clever little solution. I’ve seen others glue a round piece of felt to the back but instead I used small leaves off of one of the stems. Cut two slits in the leaves and slip the pin through before affixing to the back. This gave the flowers a whole other level of LOVELINESS! Don’t be shy with the glue.

Now it’s time to have fun with the front. The trick is adding just the right amount of hot glue so that the flat-backed jewels stay on without excess glue showing around the edges. I had small Swarovski crystals leftover from when I tried to make a wedding veil (four years ago) which I used as decor on some of the petals. I’ll be taking care of those little buds.

Once you get comfortable, play around we deconstructing flowers and reassembling: mix petal colors, swap the inner center pieces, trim larger flower petals down into new shapes, layer small flowers on top of one another to form larger pins. Have fun!


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