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Alabama needs our help: send toothbrushes and love.

Grocery store have a sale on bar soap this week? Maybe you bought an extra couple deodorant sticks last time you went shopping? Have spare toothbrushes for when guests visit? Our friends in Alabama are in need of these little things we don’t think much of. For them it wouldn’t be just a spare toothbrush.

After reading this LiveJournal entry from a student I couldn’t not do something. I hope you’ll feel the same.

“I ended up giving the sandals I was wearing to a woman who had been walking shoeless for two days. The storm caught her in bed. All she had was a housecoat.”

The romance book reviewing ladies of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books have details of how you can help. If your not familiar with Romance Publishing you’re probably chuckling about the name. Once that’s done, check out the post they have on what you can do for our Southern U.S. friends. Included is a way of sending goods to locals who have volunteered to distribute toiletries where needed.

Bug spray, duct tape, laundry detergent samples; there is a suggested list of items to send at the site. Just click here and you are on your way to doing good for others.

From the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books site:

“There is a staggeringly small amount of media attention being directed at the horrific devastation and continued difficulties of the Southern US following hellabad tornadoes from storms that hit the region 25-28 April 2011. Over 300 people were killed from the confirmed 189 different tornadoes – excuse me, according to the NOAA, 305 tornadoes from the storm, and with flooding, destruction, rain, and so many missing, the situation isn’t getting better any time soon. But I haven’t heard anything about it on the tv as much as I have on Twitter. The news hasn’t changed since the storm, though things are slowly improving, from what I can learn from local residents.

If you’d like to help, I have a few links and a few options for donation and assistance.”

Litter Alabama with lots of love. You’ll be surprised how much you can squeeze into a $15.00 USPS flat rate box with some creative packing.


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