Photographs – the Beauty of Bridges

Sometimes life gets in the way and your fancy digital camera sits on the back of a closet shelf for two years. You take it out, remember you used to be a creative person, and leave it near the front door to be forced to walk by it. Then… just when dust begins to settle on the case… you make time for yourself to look up, look around, and press the shutter.

I gave myself that gift, on a fall day trip driving through New Hampshire. Avoiding the GPS (mostly) and enjoying winding side roads we came upon a covered bridge. And this beauty happened!


Old Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

I love the texture of the and randomness of the newer beams against the beautiful grey distressed wood.

Because I titled this blog post plural, here are a few more bridge images that were captured, some using the fancy camera and some just on an iphone whim. Please enjoy the scenery and allow yourself the time to look up and look around.

Brooklyn Bridge
A commute with a view
Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you’d like to view more images, you can view the photography gallery on – my business/portfolio site with photography portfolio and online product management tips. Steph has yet another website, shocking right?


Your Thoughts?

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