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A Whale’s Tale – Beach Bedroom Decor

Have you ever walked through HomeGoods with a shopping cart, knocking over shelf items and grazing people with a very large whale made of rope? While giggling to yourself because you are about to purchase a giant mixed-media whale?

… and it’s awesome!

This is what happens when you have guests visiting for the weekend from out of state. Guests who aren’t family. Guest you can’t ask to help clean your house. Guests you can’t drag with you to buy something to spruce up the unpainted, undecorated and sad looking spare bedroom.

Prior to now the extra bedroom was a giant storage closet for seldom used sporting equipment, electronics, and off-season clothes. The door stayed shut. No one needed to know what was going on in there. Guests were arriving that evening and I had a few hours to make the place hospitable.

TGFHG – Thank goodness for Home Goods.

  • Giant Rope Whale – could not walk past. Had to get. Nautical theme in motion. Check.
  • Duvet cover – to hide the very pink comforter. Check.
  • Navy and  white pillows of various textures. Check.
  • Glass bottles with useless decorative rope. Check.
  • A rectangular basket to cover the scuffed old ikea dresser top. Check.
  • Pretty journal I envisioned as a guest book but that no one knows is a guest book. Check.
  • Nice scented candle that I will never light because it is in the guest room and I’m afraid I’ll forget about it. Check.

The beachy, happy handsome guy of a whale – he was also a ridiculous pain to hang. The paper mache backing was painted red. Yes red, red that scraped the walls every time he shifted while I attempted to drive a nail through the rear of his tail (hail, the magic eraser). I had to impale him in the tail because he only came with one hook, not centered, so that he hung at an odd angle looking like he was trying to escape he wall. I may have cursed him. I mean actually swore at the whale.

We made it through with only one extra hole in the wall. Now that desolate colorless spare closet is an inviting, friendly, beachy guest room. And, I smile every time I walk by the open door.

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