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A lovely little Ebay consignment store

Littered With Lovely has gone retail with it’s own ebay consignment shop. Well, actually it’s my own lovely stuff that I’ve managed to accumulate and use once (or way-too-often not at all). It’s about time I made room in my closet for more items I find adorable and someone got some use from this lovely hand-chosen selection of accessories, handbags, jackets and clothing.


Back in the digital photography saddle

After a long photography hiatus, I’ve begun to dabble again. As much as I loved the raw shooting with my 35mm, I’m an instant gratification kind-of-gal now and the only way to get back was to get with the times and go digital. So my ol’ Canon Rebel 2000 has been shelved and replaced with a Rebel T1i.

General Chatter

Alabama needs our help: send toothbrushes and love.

Grocery store have a sale on bar soap this week? Maybe you bought an extra couple deodorant sticks last time you went shopping? Have spare toothbrushes for when guests visit? Our friends in Alabama are in need of these little things we don’t think much of. For them it wouldn’t be just a spare toothbrush.

Graphic Design

Magazine design circa 04/05

I’m crawling myself out of it by going back to the beginning. Well, the beginning of my design career at least. I thought I’d share some pages from my first official design job as Graphic Designer for Slammed Restaurant Magazine. Trust me, I’m judging this old work enough for all of us. Some of it’s not bad for a kid who took over all of the magazine’s design before graduating college with a minor in graphic design. Other pieces, well, just ouch.

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Homemade Flower Pins

Many people cut and sew their own fabric petals but this being my first go at it I decided to hit the craft store and pick up a variety of faux-floral stems. A pack of pin backs, glue sticks, and crystal decorations later and I was able to create nine different floral pins for a whopping $28 (not including tools I already owned). This is a perfect one-day project that doesn’t take up a lot of space and soothes the need for creative instant gratification.


Any Afternoon, a Portrait in East Boston

This woman lived next door to a family I stayed with for a short time in East Boston. I went back to my negs and found I was able to capture this on the third shot (of only three without the assistance of a digital viewfinder). I was so timid photographing someone I knew that it was a snap and run. If she still lives in this house you’ll find her out front, chatting away with her neighbors in Italian, or playing with her grandchild on the cement stairs.

Apparel & Fashion

Lovely Little Calvin (Klein)

I hear people grow taller in the Midwest but in this area I’m often staring at the top of heads in the Starbucks line. Even from up here, the sweet nature of this dress has me twirling and singing “I Feel Pretty.” Tidbit: West Side Story was first released 50 years ago in December. I was born of the wrong generation.